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Welcome to the 4th Arrondissement of Paris

4th-Arr-Lle-Saint-Louis-In-ParisCentrally located on the right bank of the River Seine and incorporating a large portion of what was once known as ‘medieval paris’, the 4th arrondissement is now better known for its bustling atmosphere including an active bar scene, upscale shopping and wide selection of restaurants, coupled with an assortment of museums and parks. Some of the popular attractions include the Place de la Bastille, Place des Vosges, Isle Saint Louis and of course the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral. These will no doubt be high on your itinerary but if you have some time to spare, you won’t have to go too far to find an assortment of things to do in this lively district.

Try some of these budget friendly ideas!

Just walking down the small streets lined with parks, bars, cafes and outdoor style entertainment is sure to give you a great idea of the eclectic culture of this neighbourhood. Embarking on a ‘free’ guided walking tour (you pay as much as you choose to at the conclusion of the tour) around the undeniably hip Le Marais (‘The Marsh’) is a great start. And with a concentrated selection of contemporary art galleries and museums largely situated inside ornate 18th century mansions, this district is made for exploring on foot and you could spend days just exploring the narrow streets with its upscale shopping. If you’re looking for a bite to eat while you’re there, look no further than the local favourites, L’As du Fallafel and Chez Hanna. Afterwards, make your way to Beaubourg are to visit The Pompidou Centre, a culturally significant architectural masterpiece that holds one of largest contemporary art collections in Europe.

Or for just a little more…

4th-Arr-Notre-Dame-Cathedral-in-parisVisit the Maison de Victor Hugo, situated in the small apartment where the author wrote his masterpieces Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. For a small fee you can purchase an audio guide to give you some insight into Hugo’s life while touring the original paintings and ornaments that inspired his work.

A visit to the 4th arrondissement wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the iconic Notre Dame de Paris. Join a two hour guided walking tour of the cathedral, its towers and the riverside Île de la Cité where you will learn about the riveting history of this masterpiece of French Gothic architecture as well as wander through its breathtaking interior.

If you fancy a meal that’s literally out of sight try Paris’ own Dans Le Noir, the original restaurant in this increasingly popular chain. At this concept eatery you will be guided by blind wait staff to your table set in a pitch black dining room and offered a choice of up to four surprise menus based on categories (usually meat, seafood, vegetarian and for those who dare, ‘exotic and unusual’). It’s an original idea and an unusual sensory experience that you are unlikely to forget.

Go 4th and prosper!

You’ve saved so much for your vacation and saved on your accommodation, so now is the time to do something that you would never even consider doing at home. Fine French cuisine perhaps? One great choice is Au Bourguignon du Marais. It’s a traditional French restaurant that accepts reservations and is known for providing great food and great service set within a great atmosphere.

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