Les Invalides, Paris, France

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Les Invalides - Paris Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Les Invalides

The Eiffel Tower has long been one of the most popular attractions in all of Paris, which is what helps to make a trip to this suburb so magical. The fact that les Invalides is the burial place of Napoleon also makes this one of the most significant of the many historical landmarks in the city.

Eiffel Tower - Invalides Hotels

The numerous Eiffel Tower - Invalides hotels cater mostly to visitors looking for a higher end stay, though it is notable that there are no luxury hotels in the area. However, there is a selection of four-star accommodation in Eiffel Tower - Invalides, so travellers, whether they are on business trips or taking a family break will be able to find a quality hotel near Paris' famed landmarks. Anyone who is on a budget may be surprised to find that there are many cheap hotels in Eiffel Tower - Invalides. No matter what type of stay it is desired, searching on hotels in Eiffel Tower - Invalides should turn up a list of suitably priced accommodation.

Top Things to Do

It goes without saying that a visit to the architectural marvel that is the Eiffel Tower should not be missed. As this is the city's tallest structure, it provides visitors with stunning panoramic views.

The history of 19th century and early 20th century French art can be explored by spending some time at the Musée d'Orsay. Works of the impressionist movement are particularly highlighted here.

The Musée du quai Branly is a facility that focuses on indigenous art from all over the world. As such, a trip to this museum provides visitors with a unique insight into the history of art.

Les Invalides is where the heroes of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars are buried, including Napoleon himself. This is a piece of history that should not be missed.

Champ de Mars is a park that surrounds the Eiffel Tower, with its origins in the 18th century. Take a relaxing walk through the beautiful gardens, which were the site of several World Expositions.


French cuisine is famous throughout the world and the Eiffel Tower and Invalides area is a place where it can be experienced first hand. There are many great restaurants in the area serving traditional French fare, one of the best known being Thoumieux. This restaurant provides customers with fare synonymous with old Paris, such as cassoulet. The head chef is Jean-François Piège who is famous the world over for his culinary prowess.

Another choice for French food in the area is Le Bosquet, which is situated right next to the Eiffel Tower. This restaurant is especially notable for the fact that is has a brewery on site, so its patrons are able to sample authentic French brews as they dine. The Musee Rodin is visible from the open-air terrace.

Though it specialises in Basque dishes, rather than traditional French cuisine, Chez l'Ami Jean is another popular restaurant choice in the Eiffel Tower - Invalides area. It is renowned for specialities such as Bayonne ham.;

Nightlife: Pubs and Clubs

This is an area with a largely sophisticated nightlife and there are not many clubs to be found here. However, there are several places where a drink can be had, sometimes with live music in the background. Fontaine de Mars is a wine bar with a classic atmosphere, right down to the plaid tablecloths. This establishment has been in the same location since 1908 and is one of Paris' oldest pubs; it also features an extensive food and dessert menu.

Another place where travellers can go to unwind is O'Brien's Irish Pub. This is the type of bar that will appeal to visitors looking for a casual evening out. Major sporting events are shown on the several TVs that are located throughout the bar. It might come as a surprise that an Irish pub is able to survive in the very heart of Paris, but it continues to be as popular as ever.

Arts and Entertainment

Paris is a city teeming with culture and the Eiffel Tower - Invalides area of the city has many cultural attractions. For visitors interested in music there are several avenues for them to pursue. First off, the second floor of the Musée d'Orsay holds musical events regularly. In general, the music that can be heard here tends to fall into the category of light classical and vocal pieces. As with the works of art on display, the music at Musée d'Orsay tends to pay homage to French culture.

Another place where music can be enjoyed is Théâtre Adyar. Constructed in 1912, this theatre is now considered to be one of the city's true historic monuments. The genre of music performed at the Théâtre Adyar tends to be mostly classical, with a particular emphasis on French composers. In addition to the musical performances, however, theatre and dance can be enjoyed from time to time, while there are also conferences and other special events. Visitors to Paris are therefore advised to take a look at the theatre's event calendar when they are in the city.

Kids and Families

Some people mistakenly think of Paris as being a city that caters solely for adults, but there are many activities in the Eiffel Tower and Invalides area that will appal to the entire family. For example, L’Oiseau de Paradis offers a selection of toys for children, including stuffed animals. More classic toys, such as toy soldiers, can also be found here. In addition to toys, L’Oiseau de Paradis also specialises in holiday decorations.

For anyone in the market for children's clothing, Cyrillus has been a popular store since the 1970s, with homemade garments being the focus. This shop prides itself on offering children's clothing that is practical, yet stylish. Though there is a large selection of children's wear, a selection of adults clothing is also available.

In addition to shopping and dining, families visiting the Eiffel Tower - Invalides area there are four playgrounds located throughout the Champ de Mars gardens, along with a basketball court.

Getting around by car

Paris CBD to Invalides: 10 min (4.7 km) via Quai François Mitterrand

Paris Orly Airport to Invalides: 20 min (14.9 km) via E5 and A106

Paris Charles De Gaulle to Invalides: 36 min (30.6 km) via A1

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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