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Hong Kong Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Hong kong dawn skylineFamed for being one of the world's most vertical cities due to its high rise skyline, there is much to see and do in Hong Kong by land, water and air. But after you've shopped 'til you dropped and eaten your way through many of the top restaurants and noodle bars, maybe it's time to hop on a tram and head further afield to enjoy some of the interesting and unique experiences this buzzing city has to offer.

Free Fun in the city

Visit the waterfront promenade at Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. It's a popular tourist attraction throughout the day and is easily accessible by Star Ferry but prepare to be enticed by the many shops and restaurants you will find once there. It's also a great place to see the city lights by night.

At over 500 metres, climbing Victoria Peak mountain is another great way to get a great view of the city. But if the thought of climbing mountains makes you feel weak at the knees then take the tram for a faster way to get to the top.

For less than the price of dim sum

Take a crowded tram or ferry to experience the city like one of the locals. Or if you feel like getting even more up close and personal with Hong Kong residents, go to the butterfly reserve for an intimate experience with the fluttery ones. Check the website for the best times to visit.

Anything goes in some of the quirky eateries around town. Themed cafes are easy to find and if you need some company with your coffee, the rescued huskies and their four legged counterparts will be more than willing to greet you at the OnDogDog café in Ho Man Tin. Choose your portion size carefully though because take-home doggy bags are probably not an option here!

And for just a little more…

Noah's Ark is an amusement park and garden on Ma Wan Island, featuring a full size simulation of its religious namesake and sculptures of many of the animals that were said to have boarded. Afterwards, dine at the outrageous J-Point café in Mong Kok where meals are intricately fashioned into an animal design.

Instead of lunch at a chain restaurant…

Embrace the themes! Make your trip to Hong Kong memorable by dining at the Hello Kitty restaurant. It's dim sum, and each dish is inspired with the face of a Hello Kitty design. Looking at their cute faces you heart might say no, but your nose and mouth sure to say yes please!

If you feel like saving your appetite for later in the day, join a Jumbo boat dinner cruise later in the day. These floating restaurants will give you a unique view of the city by night and the opulent backdrop will likely make you feel like you've taken a step back in time to an old-style spy movie!

What better to do in Hong Kong than go on a shopping spree!

Hong Kong is known for being a shopping mecca. The attractive market for clothes, cosmetics and small electrical appliances are some of the reasons to visit. But if shopping is not your thing, fear not! There are plenty more things to do in this metropolitan city. Head to the Cheung Po Tsai Cave, for instance. It has been said that the 19th century pirate after whom these caves were named stored his spoils in this treasure trove. Try your luck at being the first to find it!

But you’ve saved on your accommodation so make the most of your time in Hong Kong by taking a helicopter ride over the spectacular skyline. There are many tour companies to choose from so do your research before you visit.

And while you're there…

Hire a car and do something you'll never forget like visiting Po Lin Buddhist Monastery on Lantau island. This may just be the perfect way to round out you day of clam digging in Mui Wo, also on the island. After all, who knows when you'll get the opportunity again?

Spend Less, Do More

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