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Japan Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Japan

Japanese-Cuisine-Sushi-and-sushimiJapan is a country of contrasts; ancient culture exists harmoniously alongside the high-tech bustling mega cities. Perhaps nowhere else on the planet does the old and the new exists side by side with such effect. Hotels in Japan are plentiful and cater to every taste - business travellers and those up for posh holidays will find suitable Japan hotels just as easily as backpackers on a budget.

Top Things about Japan

Japan-Mount-Fuji-in-AutumnMount Fuji is open to climbers from July to early September and as Japan’s most sacred and highest mountain, it is incredibly popular. Tokyo’s Imperial Palace allows visitors to explore some of Japan’s Imperial past and if you join a tour you will be able to view some of the off-limit areas. Cherry blossom parties take place throughout April and May across Japan and really have to be experienced to be believed. A visit to the hot-springs and hot-sand saunas of Kyushu offer visitors a chance to relax and recuperate after a jam-packed holiday. Be sure that you take part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony before you leave this great country.

Best Cities to Visit 

There is more to Japan than just Tokyo, though the city is an experience in itself. Thanks to its high tech buildings it is like stepping into the future, while other parts of the country seem to take you back in time. Hokkaido is considered to be Japan’s ‘wild west,’ while Kamakura, a coastal town, was once the seat of medieval government. Hiroshima provides a sombre look at some of the more recent history of this island country.

Kyoto, the capital of Japan for over 1,000 years, is home to one of the country’s most famous Geisha districts. Nara, located about one hour south of Kyoto, was also once a royal capital and is where you will find the largest wooden structure in the world, the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple.

Japan Hotels and Accommodation

Japan-Cuisine-Typical-healthy-breakfastHotels in Japan are available both in traditional local style or more suited to Western tastes. Providing for every budget, accommodation in Japan ranges from pure luxury to cheap hotels. The one thing that remains consistent, however, is the high level of service that is experienced, regardless of the hotel.

Getting around Japan

By car

Traffic conditions and roads in Japan are excellent with most major roads sign posted in English 

By train

Japan is well known for it’s efficient bullet train network between major cities as well as municipal subways. 

By air 

All of the major cities have international airports, and if you are choosing to travel domestically, some of the longer trips may provide a faster option to the bullet trains – which are extremely fast when you you consider they take you from city centre to city centre. Factor in the commute and check in times when considering air travel at each end.

Recommended Scenic Road Trips in Japan:

Norikuya Skyline Road in the Northern Alps ascends to 3026 metres above sea level. Often closed in winter, the other months offer opportunities for breathtaking view and driving.

Mikuni Pass: Mount Fuji is one of Japans most recognizable sites, not only as the countries highest, but also for its distinct shape.  The Mikuni pass is around 2 hours out of Tokyo and although some of the viewing areas are crowded, you will find places to stop by pulling over along the road

Accommodation, driving and car rental in Japan

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