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Maldives Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Maldives 

Maldives-Atols-including-Male-that-make-up-the-maldivesWith glittering blue waves, white sandy beaches and a scattering of palm trees waving in the breeze, the Maldives is a little bit of paradise, a getaway from the humdrum of ordinary life. Whether staying in a local bed and breakfast, a tourist resort or one of the hotels on the Maldives, there are hundreds of comfortable places to rest your head at night.

Top Things about the Maldives

Maldives-Male-Beach-with-feet-under-the-treeTemperatures on the islands remain fairly constant all year round, at approximately 30°C, with bright and beautiful sunny days, fantastic tropical sunsets and warm, moonlit nights. Many of the Maldives islands are circled by a coral reef where fish dance amongst the waves and the brightly coloured coral. These reefs protect the islands from wind and wave action, but between the islands the channels are relatively deep. The positioning of the reefs makes it all but impossible for the untrained to navigate these waters. Whether it is a relaxing beach holiday spent sunbathing or swimming in the lagoons, soaking up the relaxed Maldives atmosphere or an adventure holiday with diving and sightseeing planned, the equator-hugging islands offer experiences that will never be forgotten. 

Best Cities to Visit

Of the 1,190 coral islands spread out across the two main atolls, roughly 200 are inhabited and around 90 have been developed as tourist reMaldives-Cousine-Lobster-dishessorts; Male, the country's capital is the only real city in the Maldives, while Haa Alifu and Fesdu are the most popular tourist islands. The unique positioning of the atolls, in the middle of the Indian Ocean's trading routes, has led to a culture influenced by many civilisations. Southeast Asians, Arabs and Africans have all had an impact on Maldivian culture, especially in native artwork and music. This history has created a people who are friendly and welcoming to all.

Maldives Hotels and Accommodation

Accommodation on the Maldives is predominantly tourist resorts and four or five-star hotels. Set in beautiful surroundings and with views to die for, Maldives hotels are idyllic, perfect for romantic trips or family holidays. However, cheap hotels on the Maldives may be a little harder to find.

Accommodation, driving and car rental in Maldives

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