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Philippines Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Philippines

Philippines-Girl-Snorkelling-on-a-reef-in-PhilippinesThe Philippines are made up of a coral-fringed collection of islands that are often overlooked by tourists, but which are a great place to relax and unwind. Hotels on the Philippines usually have onsite restaurants and many have spa facilities.

Top Things about the Philippines

Philippines-Mount-Mayon-VulcanoFrom tropical rainforests to white sandy beaches, the Philippines offer a host of outdoor activities for visitors. Whether it is taking in the sun, stretched out on one of the numerous beaches, hiking to the top of the islands' highest peak, white water rafting or windsurfing across a lake, there is sure to be something for everyone. The world's smallest active volcano makes a great day trip, while travelling through the country will reveal some fantastic man-made structures.

Pilippines-Island-Beach-exploringThe coral reefs, which edge the islands, provide a unique underwater world. The waters are home to some of the most diverse forms of marine life in the world and are ideal for both novice and experienced divers. There is particularly good wreck diving in the waters around the Philippines.

Best Cities to Visit on the Philippines

Manila, Boracay and Cebu City are the more popular of the towns on the Philippines; they all provide great opportunities for a close look into local culture. The Filipino people are exuberant in their love and passion, whether it is for family, country or celebration and revel in the numerous festivals that take place throughout the year, a good example being the Sinulog Festival. 

Manila is more a collection of villages than a definitive city, and is the commercial centre of the Philippines. Boracay, at the other end of the spectrum, is known as being the best beach resort in the country.

The Philippines Hotels and Accommodation

From luxury five-star Philippines hotels in the cities to traditional bed and breakfasts with stunning views, accommodation on the Philippines is available for all types of visitor, whether on a romantic holiday or a family trip. Cheap hotels on the Philippines located on the beach and in the heart of the city are all designed with the comfort of their guests being the prime consideration.

Getting around the Philippines 

Driving in the big cities is not recommended as the road conditions are unorthodox, but renting a car will allow you to visit places that are inaccessible to public transport outside of the metro areas.

Manila to Baguio: 4 h 5 min (247.0 km) via R-8

Recommended Scenic Drives in Philippines

Baguio and Sagada: 5 h 9 min (146.3 km) via Baguio - La Trinidad - Bontoc Rd/Halsema Highway/Mountain Trail

This road has some of the most magnificent views in the Philippines and is an engineering accomplishment in itself. 

Accommodation, driving and car rental in Philippines 

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