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Singapore Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Singapore skyline sunsetReferred to as both the 'Lion City' and 'Garden City', the former for its literal translation from Malay and the latter for its many parks and tree lined streets, Singapore is widely regarded as the transport hub between East and West. After you've been to the world famous Singapore Zoo and Botanic Gardens, shopped till you dropped on Orchard Road and had a Singapore Sling at Raffles, there is still so much more to do at an affordable price in one of the world's most exciting but expensive cities.

You could buy a packet of chewing gum…

But you'd better not as it is banned in this fastidiously clean city! For less than the price (i.e. free) wander through the secluded forest at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It is considered to have a wider variety of trees than all of North America and is home to wildlife including monkeys, lizards and native birds. Also free of charge is Haw Par Villa. Based on Chinese mythology, the park has over one thousand statues which depict Chinese folklore, myths and legends. Some of the most popular exhibits are 'Fu Lu Shou' (representing the three wise gods of good fortune, prosperity and longevity) and the 'Twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac'. The highlight though, is a dark tunnel depicting 'The Ten Courts of Hell' (which are said to judge you for your sins before you enter the afterlife).

Instead of ordering a second Singapore Sling, try one of these!

For about the same price you could be enjoying a pedicure with a difference at Kenko Wellness Spa. Fish Spa Therapy is a hygienic and relaxing process which involves Garra rufa fish (aka doctor fish) nibbling away at the dead skin cells on your feet. The technique is said to leave your feet feeling smooth and refreshed, but you might want to think twice if you're particularly ticklish!

If the thought of fish eating away at your feet leaves you still wanting that second drink, head to one of Singapore's 'Secret' bars. The password only cocktail den known as 'The Library' is concealed from the street by various storefronts. The idea is that you obtain the password, which changes weekly, from their twitter page and then enter a seemingly unrelated shop such as a bookstore, barber, tailor or tattoo parlor. At the risk of looking like a fool if you have the wrong password or worse, the wrong shop, you whisper your secret word or phrase to the shopkeeper. If accepted a hidden door will be opened admitting you to the bespoke bar.

Why go to a seafood restaurant when you can catch and cook your own?

Singapore shopping precinctFish@Big Splash is a 24 hour garden themed fishing and prawning venue offering lots of family fun. While your children dip their hands and feet into the water in the play area, you could be catching dinner! Lobsters and king prawns, snapper, sea bass and barramundi are just some of the varieties you will find. Barbeques are available for you to grill your fresh catch of the day.

And if you think Singapore Zoo is exciting during the day, join a Night Safari to see what happens when nocturnal animals come out to play! Watch the interactive shows and then follow the walking trail to meet the smaller animals. A guided tram tour will get you close (but not too close) to the larger ones. There are also dining options available if you find you've worked up an appetite after your trek.

You've saved on your accommodation so why not treat yourselves?

Make your trip truly memorable by dining in the sky on board the largest Observation Wheel in the world, The Singapore Flyer. This four course culinary experience comes complete with full butler service as you enjoy spectacular 360 degree views of the buildings and lights below.

If you have a few extra days in town

Hire a car and drive north east to Changi Point Ferry Terminal where you can board a public bumboat to the beautiful island of Pulau Ubin. Continue your adventure by hiking, biking or gently paddling through the mangrove forest while watching the surrounding scenery and wildlife.

Or drive south to picturesque Sentosa Island where you will be spoilt for choice with things to do. A fun day or evening out is the Skyride and Skyline luge combo. And if you feel like unwinding after your Singaporean adventures, try the bamboo massage at So Spa. Known for its healing properties, this type of massage involves the use of smooth, warm bamboo canes to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Spend Less, Do More

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