Los Angeles, U.S.A.

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Los Angeles Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Los angeles skylineRodeo Drive, Universal Studios and Disneyland are just some of the many tourist attractions in the City of Angels. But once you've been to these, there is still so much to see and do in Los Angeles. If you're in the mood for something different, try these for a change.

Pretend you're an actor and take advantage of the free stuff!

Get tickets to one of the many talks shows filmed in the city, such as the Ellen show or Conan. Make sure you book well in advance because the seats to these shows fill well in advance.

The Santa Monica pier at sunset is well known as a popular tourist attraction. Avoid the crowds by making your way to the lesser known but equally impressive El Matador State Beach in Malibu. It is a breathtaking but more secluded and less touristy alternative. Wear your walking shoes to make the opportunity to explore the caves and rocks that surround.

Hey! I know that guy – He was in whatchamacallit

Put on your hiking boots and head to Runyon Canyon. Well known as a celebrity hot spot, the trails are surprisingly traffic-free and you may see a familiar celebrity face along the way. Probably not the best time to disturb them for an autograph though; a simple nod of acknowledgement will suffice. You will see some of the best views of the Los Angeles expanse along the way from on high.

Lunch with the family at Taco Bell or…

Manhattan beach sunset For a nostalgic return to the rockabilly era, head to the Electric Dusk Drive In. They show classic favourites rather than the latest movie releases, so your tickets will buy you a nostalgic trip into cinema history. Check the website to choose your film and book your car spot in advance.

If the history of the city takes your fancy, take a trip to the abandoned zoo at Griffith Park. Walk the trails of the former habitants without the fear of a frightening four legged intrusion! The park opened in 1912 and closed in 1966 so don your spirit hood and take a tour of what the occupants used to see…

For a really offbeat experience and if your stomach can take it, visit the circus, museum and nightclub at California Institute of Abnormalarts, (otherwise known as the CIA…). It's on Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood and it presents as a carnival sideshow of atrocity, from freak shows to performance art. Book your trip on the website and if you're in town at the right time, stretch your vocal cords at Scaryoke for a very ghoulish take on karaoke.

Instead of taking a bus tour of celebrity homes, why not do this?

Along the same theme the Museum of Death is open daily on Hollywood Boulevard and if you're after a more interactive experience, try The Exit Game. More commonly known as an 'escape room adventure', if you choose to play you have just 60 minutes to confer with your teammates and figure out a way to escape. Book in advance to secure your fate!

Be extravagant!

You've saved on you accommodation, so treat yourselves by seeing a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. With upcoming orchestral and chamber music events, check the website for details

Make it the trip of a lifetime

Hire a car and head to the Sunken City in San Pedro. With the only entrance being a hole in the fence, this destination may seem a little unusual. But after a road trip and with food and drinks on offer, you will find an array of picnicking and hiking spots around.

Spend Less, Do More

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