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New York City Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Welcome To New Your City

Brooklyn bridge sunriseIf you've been before, chances are you've done everything from pretending you're in a glamorous scene from An Affair to Remember atop the Empire State Building, to feeling just a little out of place as you rub shoulders with the rich and famous (or maybe just rich) wandering through the prestigious shops on 5th Avenue. The locals will tell you that 'Big Apple' refers to 1920s race courses or an abundance of apple trees in the locale, but it could be argued that the term refers to the number of activities you can do for the price of a big apple, or just a little more…

It didn't cost a nickel!

In the city where dreams are made, it actually is possible to find many unforgettable free things to do. For a memorable experience, make your way to the Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Station. Apparently the walls do seem to talk, so you might want to choose your words carefully before muttering under your breath about what you think of any of your less than congenial travel companions when there!

New York City can be swelteringly hot and humid during summer. Try dipping your toes into one of over 60 free outdoor pools which are scattered around the town to cool off. If that thought sounds too chilling, visit one of the many heated indoor pools which are open for business year round.

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. Prove 'them' wrong by spending a rewarding afternoon at New York Cares. Volunteering is not for everyone but if you have some time to spare, spend it hearing the stories of the friendly locals to make a heart-warming connection with the city. Whether you walk away feeling privileged or pensive, it will almost certainly be an experience you will never forget.

Founded in 1838, Brooklyn's Green-Wood cemetery is one of the earliest and most revered cemeteries in the country. Be impressed by the list of the famous and historic gravesites at no charge, or if you think you might feel lost in the prestige, you can spend a little more and opt for a guided tour where the lives of some of the most known residents will be explained to you in detail.

For the price of a cup of coffee

Rockefeller squareBuy an MTA (Metrocard) travel ticket and take an aerial roundtrip in a tram starting from Roosevelt Island which ventures across the Queensboro bridge and over the East River. Giggle at the congested mass of stationary yellow cabs sitting in traffic below while enjoying spectacular fantastic views of the buzzing cityscape at a leisurely but moving pace.

Breakfast for one at the Plaza Hotel or…

Go underground for some real insight into the city that never sleeps. The neon lights might be bright on Broadway, but once you've seen the tourist friendly metropolis go underground for a walking tour of the tails and trails that lie beneath. A two and a half hour guided tour will give you some insight into the formation of the subway railroad system as well as local knowledge about the brave lives of the individuals that built it.

I want to be a part of it: New York, New York!

You've saved on your accommodation, so use those extra greenbacks to embrace the most popular local cuisine by creating your own pizza. Learn the art and show off your skilled technique when you get home. This hands-on workshop may not seem cheap at first glance but if you have a few friends to join you the price drops and it might just become an offer you can't refuse!

But if you start to feel overwhelmed by life in Manhattan's fast lane, take a break

Hire a car and head to Short Hills, New Jersey to enjoy the tranquil and historic style Greenwood Gardens. Luxurious and romantic, take a few hours to stroll among the Italianesque sculptures and magnificent flora in this twenty eight acre public conservatory and garden.

Spend Less, Do More

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