Dallas, U.S.A.

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Dallas Guide – Spend Less, Do More

Dallas skylineOff to the good ole US of A and got a passion for boot scootin'? Then surely Dallas, Texas is high on your itinerary! While there, your list of things to do probably looks a bit like this: Reunion Tower – sure! The JFK Memorial and book depository – of course! A Segway tour of the city – why not? And then a trip to the hair salon for a classic Dallas do – hmm, maybe not…

Land of the free!

Keep this on the down low, but if you head to the Dallas Farmers Markets and even eat only the samples you probably won't walk away hungry! Don't be too quick to leave your wallet at home though because some of these tempting freebies may just leave you wanting a little more for later.

Culture doesn't have to cost a nickel in Dallas! The Museum of Art has free general admission as well as collections and exhibitions throughout the year, which range from abstract to modern. Check out the website to plan your trip in advance.

Only in Texas…

This statement is no more true than when you consider the idea of 'Beer Yoga'. For the price of just a beer or three, you'll be a happy yogi in no time at this combo-class!

But if you're still lamenting about missing out on securing a ticket to Comic-Con this year, fear not because there are other paths to happiness and Dallas' Retropalooza might be just the thing you need! It may be about as silly as it gets but if you're after a few laughs, don't judge it till you try it. With vintage games, cosplay and nostalgic pop culture you're bound to find something to hit your funny bone.

For the price of a family trip to historical Fort Worth…

Dallas courthouseAnd not to take anything away from Fort Worth, but Dallas is famous for being the place where the famous American outlaws Bonnie and Clyde lived, died and committed their crimes. Step back in time and go on the run in a re-enactment of the lives and times of this intriguing duo.

You could order a steak at a fancy restaurant but if you've heard of Tex Mex, you'll never find a better place to tempt your taste buds than in Texas! So many great places to choose from, but some of the best include Avila's, Herrera's, Luna's and El Norte.

Take the idea of a 'blind date' to the extreme!

Let's just say that normally… you'd like to be able to see the food you're putting into your mouth. But at Opaque you won't be afforded that luxury. Eat in darkness at one of the newest and quirkiest themed restaurants. At least you can take comfort in the fact that no one will see the food on the side of your mouth or cascading down the front of your shirt until later!

Got a few extra days?

Hire a car and spend a few extra days in Texas. It could appear like an oasis in the desert or maybe it's the fact that there's no place similar in the near vicinity, but beautiful San Antonio will never cease to please, especially by moonlight. From the river to the adornment of shops, the fairy light adorned buildings and assortment of eateries; you'll be hard pressed to find something in the area that won't make you want to return.

Spend Less, Do More

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