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At Cheaperthanhotels, we know it’s important to have a great place to stay, with the best deals and accommodation options to choose from.

In fact, we believe, the more you save on our accommodation deals, the more things you can do when you get to your destination - like driving around with one of our Cheaperthancars’ rental options, and/or just simply enjoying the local fun.

So whatever your accommodation type, from 5 stars to budget, hotels and resorts, to self-catering, hosted and hostels, Cheaperthanhotels will get you the best deals for you and/or your family and friends.

Cheaperthanhotels believes that when people stay in any accommodation, they should have the maximum amount of money in their pockets to enjoy their time away from home. We live by that statement in all that we set out to achieve and share with our customers.

Cheaperthanhotels and our partners are committed to helping you do this.


Bring on the best. Spend less and do More.

195 Countries
850,000 properties
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Our Luxury Accommodation Deals

American travellers can stay at some of the World’s finest properties, from luxurious hotels and sumptuous alternatives, including 5 star apartments, resorts and boutique experiences. We provide luxury across the World with massive savings at discounted prices - bookings can be made up to the last minute.

With the money you save, you will have more to spend while you stay.

Luxury discounts for less. Why pay more?


For Our Young at Heart

Young and budget aware American Travellers can rest in some of the World’s most exciting locations at prices that will surprise you. There are many options from youth and backpacker hostels, multi room apartments, and budget hotels and residences. Sometimes you may find the hotel prices so low when you share with a friend, you can stay in these at less than the price of a single person per night. 
Bookings can be made up to the last minute.

With the money you save, you will have more to spend while you stay. 

Luxury discounts for less. Why pay more?




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